2019 Seasonal Tips and Information

GROUNDS CLEANUPMonday, Dec. 16, 2019 is the last week for yard waste collection.  Place yard waste from your gardens into leaf-bags, and put bags at curb for pickup.  For more info: https://troymi.gov/departments/public_works/refuse_and_recycling/yard_waste.php

  • HOSES – With freezing weather on the way and to minimize the chance of burst water pipes, disconnect outdoor hoses from spigots, and turn off your basement water valves to those outside spigots.  THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT for those leaving for the winter.  Water damage due to burst pipes through owner negligence is at owner expense. 
  • INSURANCE – all co-owners and all renters should carry home insurance covering all personal belongings including furniture, fixtures, flooring, rugs, wallpaper and any other items inside the walls of their condos.  Association insurance does not cover these items.
  • PARKING – Please park in your garages or driveways, and instruct service vehicles / contractors to avoid blocking mailboxes, especially during ‘project’ season i.e. roofing, siding, deck work, etc.
  • GARAGE DOORS – To prevent vandalism or theft, keep garage doors closed when not directly nearby,  and lock cars that are parked overnight in driveways.  
  • SNOW – It will be here soon!  Please note our crew cannot remove snow in driveways where vehicles are parked.  During snow, we encourage you park in your garage or very temporarily in guest-parking areas until your driveway is plowed. 
** Please let us know if you need ice-melter for your porch or walkways.  
  • OUTDOOR LIGHT BULBS -  All exterior light bulbs should be consistent for color, brightness, etc. using only the standard Manor Home bulb.   If one of your bulbs needs replacement, please contact AMI or one of the board members.  

Links to keep you informed about events, programs and things to know about Troy:

Troy Community Center:   https://rec.troymi.gov/facilities/troy_community_center/index.php

City of Troy Calendar of Events:   https://troymi.gov/calendar.php 

Troy Senior Citizens:   https://rec.troymi.gov/fifty_plus/index.php

“Do Not Knock” Registry:   https://apps.troymi.gov/DoNotKnockRegistry/List

Local Election Info:       https://troymi.gov/departments/city_clerk/election_information.php

Protect your Sewer Lines: https://troymi.gov/departments/public_works/water_and_sewer/index.php  

Clicking on ‘Flushable Wipes’ in above link takes you to this local youtube clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u-KGEH75_E&feature=youtu.be